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Dating app for people with disabilities

Glimmer App- Dating app for people with disabilities

Meet The new dating app, Glimmer, it’s all about honesty — especially when it comes to disabilities. “A lot of dating and social apps can be misleading or exclusive,” the website reads. “Glimmer was designed to promote transparency between users and be welcoming to all people.” BuzzFeed reports that the app, currently available for both Android and iPhone, was launched in January 2017 by Geoffrey Anderson. Anderson was inspired to create the app after working with people with disabilities and watching his disabled brother struggle with traditional dating apps like Tinder. “Their biggest omission has always been their disability,” he tells BuzzFeed. “They are ashamed of it, worried that it will automatically disqualify them from the dating pool.”

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When it comes to Glimmer app, everything is out on the table. The app immediately gives you the option to select and display your disability, something other apps have neglected. You don’t have to disclose your disability, just as you don’t have to be disabled to use the app. Instead, the app wants to brand itself as an open, inclusive space for all people, both on the app and behind it. “

Glimmer users are asked whether or not they have a disability, and can choose to show or hide that information on their profile. From there, things start looking familiar: Users can specify whether they’re seeking a friendship or romantic relationship, with men or women, and they can search via a handful of discovery settings, including age and disability type.

“If someone is deaf and wants to connect with others who are also deaf, we made that possible,” Anderson said.

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