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Disability is not inability

Jessica Cox, a graduate of psychology from University of Arizona, became the first licensed pilot without arms – Born with a rare genetic defect, she does most things with her feet – The amazing lady has achieved other feats like having a black belt in taekwondo – Jessica also participated in the 40-mile category of El Tour de Tuscon – The pilot wrote an autobiographical book titled Disarm Your Limits Impossibility is nothing and could even be an inspiration. Jessica Cox’s story is one of that. Despite the fact that she was born without arms due to her rare genetic defect, she has never allowed that to stop her from living a full life.


She is a black belt holder in taekwondo and does other activities like a person with both arms would. The pilot also plays the piano as well as scuba diving. At the top of her achievements is that she is the first licensed pilot without arms. In the new inspiring video, the life of Jessica and husband Patrick is well documented displaying her day to day life. Jessica is a wonderful motivational speaker and some of her tours are covered in the video. She said many always see her not having arms as a limiting factor, but she is here to prove them all wrong. Jessica’s journey to becoming a pilot started when a fighter-jet pilot approached her and asked if she would want to become one. She got her license on October 10, 2008 after she trained for three years and deemed fit to be able to fly light-sport aircraft at 10,000 feet.

Jessica Cox is a story of living Beyond Disability

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