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Disability blogs

Disability blogs

Disability blogs are educative and informative. Here are the top performing Disability blogs for the year 2020. if there is anyone of them i have left out kindly feel free to let me know.

 blogs that are by people with disabilities, but not necessarily about disability. This is the place to find your new favorite blog that’s by a blind or deaf blogger, an autistic blogger, a blogger with a physical or intellectual disability or with cerebral palsy or numerous other bloggers across the disability spectrum! (Meriah)

The blog ranking is based on the current alexa Ranking

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Website NameRanking
1Autism 58,118
2Disability Worldhttp://disabled-world.com62,930
3Disability Secret 105,554
4Disability Help 149,487
5Spin life  153,622
6Parent Centre hubhttp://www,parentcenterhub.org169,951
7Disability 174,105
8Wrights Law 204,093
9Autism Society 233,741
111800 Wheelchair 267,023 
12Disabled personDisabledperson.com346,255
13NDSS 365,525
14We Capable http://wecapable.com372,219
15Mobility Scooter  396,200
16Disability Benefits 404,352
17Pride Mobility 416,636
18Top Mobility  417,533
19Disability Scoop 426,267
20Kellehampton 439,961
21Scooter Direct  481,612
22Down Syndromme 543,502
23Love that Max 790.974
24Limping Chicken 1,11,1597
25CDSA 1,111,949
26Marc Mobility 1,599,484
27Disability Care 2,231,968
28Scooter Link  2,380,473
29Beyond Disability 2,917,859
30Different Dream 3,164,460

Is there any Disability blogs i have left out? feel free to let me know

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